Periflow Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pump: The Hot New Technology
Hygienic Pumps for
Food and Beverage Application

Food products, such as dairy, bakery, cereals, beverages and confectionery, demand pumps that meet today's hygiene standards and are able to handle products with care. Peristaltic Pumps from Enertech create significant cost savings. The pump self drains has a low-shear action, bi-directionality and straight-through flow and the tube is fully swept.

Superior hygienic performance.
Improved finished product quality.

Most accurate dosing and metering pumps.

Reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.
Used for filing syrups, juice, concentrates from 50 ml to 5 litr.
Applications-Partial list
Automatic drain cleaners Flavor concentrate
Ice cream pump Juice production
Pizza sauce dispensing Popcorn butter dispensing
Salad dressing pump Vitamin A & D Injection

Fluid media only touches ID of tubing.

Easy clean-up

Simply change the tubing to clean the pump.

Wide range of tubing materials

Compatible with many foods and chemicals.

Handles viscous materials

Transfer and dispense yogurts, ice cream, and food particles.

Easily sterilized

Sterilize by ethylene oxide, gamma radiation or autoclave.


Operate in both directions without disconnecting tubing.

Many Models

Select from wide range of Peristaltic Pump according to flow rate and functions required for many applications.

OEM packages

Special design according to your lab dispensers or analytical equipment or filling equipment.  Copyright © Enertech Pvt. Ltd. 2006  
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