Periflow Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pump: The Hot New Technology

Enertech's Tubing - the Heart of Pump

The tube or hose is the heart of any Peristaltic Pump. It is most essential but often overlooked. Choosing the right tube in a Peristaltic Pump is essential as it ensures long pumping life, savings on tube costs, reduced downtime and better quality. The right tube recovers its cost in no time at all and gives you performance benefits over and over again!!!!

Whether you have a Periflow Peristaltic Pump or Pump of any other make, Enertech can provide you with the right tubes or hoses you need.

Whether you are pumping aggressive acids or alkalis, organic solvents or sterile solutions, Enertech offers the best tube for the job.

Enertech's periflow range of Peristaltic Pumps has tubes with the best bio-compatibility, pumping efficiency and long pumping life.

Only Enertech's Periflow Peristaltic Pump tubes are specially designed keeping the rigorous needs of varied industries like biotech, pharma, food ...etc....... in mind.

Thus, Enertech offers food grade quality tubing's, lab tubing's, excellent chemical resistance tubes, long life tubes and industrial hoses.

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