Periflow Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pump: The Hot New Technology
How Enertech's Pump head work?

A pump head consists of only two parts: the rotor and the housing. The tubing is placed in the tubing bed between the rotor and housing where it is occluded (squeezed).

The rollers on the rotor move across the tubing, pushing the fluid. The tubing behind the rollers recovers its shape, creates a vacuum, and draws fluid in behind it.

A pillow of fluid is formed between the rollers. This is specific to the ID of the tubing and the geometry of the rotor. Flow rate is determined by multiplying speed by the size of the pillow. This pillow stays fairly constant except with very viscous fluids.  Copyright © Enertech Pvt. Ltd. 2006  
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